After inspiration by watching a random video on YouTube about a guy and his wife who build remote, off grid cabins (see Bushradical on YouTube), I decided building a simple 120 sq. ft. cabin/office was just the perfect summer project for me (and potentially get my kids involved!). I’ve got a bunch of stacked redwood lumber from a couple of trees we dropped in 2007 so I can save a bunch of money and end up having a cool little office/studio/retreat.

On Day 1, I scoped out the site and drove some stakes in the general area I was thinking about, seeing what kind of view we would get and how it felt coming off the bridge and path I made Deana years ago.

Cabin Site

I consulted with Deana and the girls about layout and views and made a few tweaks.

I’ll be making daily videos of my progress on my YouTube channel. Check it out!