Sunday, March 22, 2020 — US Outbreak +53 days

Global Cases: 315,992, Global Deaths: 13,589
Source: Johns Hopkins
U.S. Cases: 26,747, U.S. Deaths: 340
Source: Johns Hopkins
California Reported Cases: 1,470

I should have taken over our latest registrations yesterday afternoon so I wouldn’t have to get up at 6 am just to run them over to the store. Of course when I got there, there weren’t any managers able to open the safe on duty so I waited in the parking lot for a while and Ben came down and got them from me. This will be easier as our process settles in!

Almost 30k more cases world wide yesterday. Not much news-wise though but it looks like a corona virus package may be finalized today by the government. They are thinking about $3k per family of four which will definitely help. It’s weird, I just realized today is Sunday so probably less news is going to be reported. Time is going to be a little different the next couple of months I think.

I really miss playing ultimate frisbee. Usually I play twice a week on the weekends and now that we are all shut down, it really sucks. I’ve been posting old videos/photos from past years on the frisbee group in facebook to try to keep memories alive even though its a bit depressing too.



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